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Below is the sign up sheet for the halo 3 tournement.

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What is your gamertag, and rank.

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This is the Computer Geek Spot, where we give reviews and updates at least close to daily on all technological things that are interesting to us.

On this website we'll be giving you updates as soon as we can on whatever we think is interesting. Put suggestions of sites we can get info from in the guestbook! No emailing suggestions! Its annoying!

\/ People who've been here

By Teenagers, for Teenagers. No reviews from an old fart who doesn't get the concept of changing trends.

On the left Is the Nav bar, which has links to all the other pages in this site. Occasionally some news will be posted here, but thats only for major things, like a new game console or major videogame. Also, if i can figure out how, we may have a forums system. (it will be plagued with admins. hahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!)